my story.


Hi wonderer, I’m Kristina Martanovicova known as Tukan or TKN – dancer, choreographer, movement mentor and certified coach from Slovakia, currently living in Prague, the Czech Republic.


My approach to movement is rather holistic, influenced by my psychology degree. Enhancing my work with concepts like "body awareness", performers movement identity and body metaphor.


My work is inspired by daily life events. From simply observing random behavior of strangers in tram to more emotionally demanding experiences like feeling of lost, joy, anger or affection. Oh yes, and I love old black and white movies. There lays a huge body language inspiration too!  Lately I have been working as a coach and movement mentor. Therefore if you feel stuck in your life or career, we can explore and experience the movement together :)


move with me.

My whole career I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by great mentors and co-workers. Therefore if you feel like you want to enrich or challenge yourself by any means – client vs coach, dancer vs. dancer, mentor vs. student etc. Do not hesitate to contact me :)

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